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Shaw High School—School of Medicine, Science and Technology

 William Davis, Small School Principal



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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:


Greeting, my name is William Davis, and I have proudly served students in the field of Education for nearly twenty years as both a Teacher and Administrator.  It is an honor to return with the East Cleveland City School District in December for my second full year proudly serving as the Small School Leader of Shaw High in the School of Medicine, Science and Technology.



I am sure you are aware that the 2016-2017 academic school year at Shaw High School is rapidly approaching.  All of our administrators, teachers and staff are full of energy, creativity, and excitement as we set-out to make a positive impact on the lives of our students.  Moreover, as educators we realize that with the help of our parents and guardians, community members and business leaders, we will continue to provide a safe and positive surrounding that will produce individuals who will take pride in their education so that they are prepared for their future.



The vision of the Medicine, Science and Technology (MST) program is not only to prepare students to be mentally sound in the areas of Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies, but also to  help students to develop and acquire the necessary skills for them to be College and Career Ready by the time they graduate from High School.  This means that students would have earned the necessary credits to graduate from High School, and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to enroll and succeed at a two-year or four year College or University; or a Technical or Trade School, immediately after completing High School. Therefore, to prepare students in the MST program to become College and Career Ready in the 21st Century, their educational curriculum must be centered on the following:


  • Students must be engaged in project and problem-based learning activities;
  • Their learning experiences must be relevant to everyday life and what Colleges, Universities, Technical School and Employers expect upon being admitted to such schools or hired by employers;
  • Students need to develop critical and analytical skills necessary for problem solving; and
  • There must be a central focus on teamwork, time management and effective communication skills


It is extremely important to note that in order for our students to be prepared to have the necessary skills that are demanded for students to be College and Career Ready three key factors must be taken into consideration:


  1. Students must be in school and on time every day
  2. Students must be respectful to teachers and staff, their fellow classmates and those within and outside of the East Cleveland Community
  3. Students must be prepared for class every day


Therefore, by focusing our curriculum on the essential elements of preparing our students for academic and real-world success, instilling in them the importance of attendance, respect and responsibility, coupled with the dedicated commitment of our parents and/or guardians, our teachers and staff, community members and business leaders,  Shaw High’s School of Medicine, Science and Technology, will successfully prepare our students so that they can compete globally, as well as becoming productive members of society.


I appreciate your support and understanding, and I look forward to working with you throughout the school year.  If you have any further concerns, questions or ideas please feel free to contact me at the number below.


Yours in Education,



William R. Davis, JD, M.Ed.

Shaw High School

Principal—School of Medicine, Science and Technology

(216) 268-6514

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