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Saturday Enrichment Academy Elementary Schools

Saturday Enrichment Academy for Elementary School

Mayfair Elementary School Harvest Dance


Harvest Dance Dancers

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2 p.m. - 4 p.m.


Click here to download a permission slip and return it to the teacher so we know that you can attend.

Cooking at Mayfair

We are celebrating with the students who has displayed positive behavior most of the time. We are making zucchini Mariana, yellow squash with sweet n sour sauce. 


Student Group cooking zucchini  Student stirring sauce  Students serving mealStudent enjoying meal

Universal Design for Learning is alive and well at Mayfair Elementary


Kindergarten is a wonderful time of exploration and activity.  Mayfair’s Kindergarteners had to create a page in Pixie by adding images from the Stickers Library that begin with their letter sound.  Next, they had to record a sentence about the letter and the things that begin with that letter. Mayfair’s Kindergartners are interested in learning everything there is to know about the world around them.  Thus, they will continue to explore their world with the use of technology and UDL.  Click here to learn more about the Universal design for Learning


Student Studying Letter C                                     Student Studies the  Letter C  Students Studying Letter C with Characters

Alternative Endings to Fairy Tales


Ms. Banks 2nd grade students learned key elements of fairy tales so that they could retell and recreate alternate endings to the fairy tale, The Three Little Pigs, using audio recordings with Pixie software to share with others.

Click the photo above to hear the recording, click here for the transcript

Fatherhood Initiative Program


Fatherhood Initiative Program Attendees


Fathers and other male mentors were encouraged to bring their kids to school on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.  Thirty-nine of Mayfair’s fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and stepfathers all stepped up to support the education of children in their lives and took the following pledge:

  • I am responsible for the education of my child.
  • I will encourage all children to do their best every day at school.
  • I will speak to my child about the value of learning and the importance of reaching your potential.
  • I will help with school work and review assignments for completion.
  • I will praise my child when he/she does well in school.
  • I will speak with my child’s teachers and support them in educating my child.
  • I will teach my child the value of education and the value of family.
  • I will work with my child’s mother or guardian to achieve the best academic and social outcomes for my child even if I do not live with my child


Mayfair Elementary School is proud to participate in this Fatherhood Initiative Program that broaden the fatherhood conversation and let people know that Dads matter! 


Students Build Home Libraries

Mayfair Elementary School passed out books to all students in an effort to build home libraries.  We are encouraging students to read more complex books, learn new words, facts, and ideas.  We understand that if a student is exposed to more complicated plots, they will grow as a reader.


Students holding books             Students walking to classroom  Students showing books

Updated Dress Code Information

Dress Code Revisions

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