Layers of Earth Project at Heritage Middle School

 In a whole group demonstration students worked cooperatively to create Earth in an edible form.  Together they mixed ingredients to make dough then gathered a rounded spoonful of dough and rolled it into a ball to form the mantle or think layer of rock between the Earth’s crust and core.  The rounded dough was then carefully cut in half and a small hole was scooped out in the center of each half.  A small amount of jelly was placed inside the mantle to represent the outer core and a chocolate chip was used to represent the inner core of Earth.  The two halves were then put back together and rolled in graham-cracker crumbs to represent Earth’s crust.  Once the model of Earth was complete it was once again cut in half and students were asked to identify the different parts of Earth using the newly formed model.  As part of the mission students made an analysis chart which included a full description of each of Earth’s layers.       

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