Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education

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Dr. John Buckner

Career and Technical Education programs

Beginning with elementary school, you are discovering your gifts, talents, and interests. During Middle School, you may develop aspirations based on these interests. At the high school level, you should begin making decisions and developing a plan to achieve your career goals by focusing on these strengths and interests. Having specific career ideas and developing skills related to them in high school gives you a jump on the job market. You are much more likely to land a good job or succeed in college when you are pursuing focused career goals during these years.

Career and Technical Education programs teach the skills needed to succeed in any field and in life-problem solving, communications, and responsibility, planning and applying technology. Then we'll help you specialize in a career that will work for you. Rather than asking "what's next?" after graduation, you will move from high school into college or into a successful role in today's workforce. It's a seamless path to success!

Career and Technical Education at Shaw High School provides students with an opportunity to make informed career choices and successfully participate in experiences that relate to the world of work. Students may select Career-Technical Education programs from Automotive Technology, Career Based Intervention, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Health Science, Early Childhood Education, Firefighting Technology, Marketing Education, Nurse Assisting, Private Security, Sports Marketing, Teaching Professions, Travel-Tourism, Phlebotomy and Visual Communication Arts.


Career and Technical Education offers students a clear pathway to college or a career leading to meaningful employment. The various programs are designed to equip students to enter colleges, universities, and post high school technical institutions if they so desire. Tenth and Eleventh grade students should see their guidance counselor for additional information.




Career-Technical and Adult Education Programs


Administrative Office Technology-Students in this course will acquire the skills that will enable them to transfer ideas into a readable form through the use of computers, printers, scanners, keyboarding, software, and personnel.
Automotive Technology – The Automotive Technology program will provide students with the learning and skills necessary to diagnose, adjust, repair, and replace mechanical and electrical parts of an automobile as well as provide a pathway for entry level employment or post high school education in the field of Automotive Technology.
Business Management-The Business Management program will provide students with the skills and tools needed to plan and manage the total operations of a business or company. The course emphasizes the importance of time, financial, and personnel management as it relates to the operation and maintenance of a business.
Career Based Intervention 1 (CBI 1) – This is a class for 8th grade students that will provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply for, interview for, and be made aware of, various jobs, careers and employment opportunities. This class is taught only at Heritage Middle School.
Career Based Intervention 2 (CBI-2) - A cooperative education program for the 12th grade student who would like to gain work experience while completing his/her requirements for a high school diploma. Students enrolled in CBI attend regular classes for a portion of the school day and are dismissed early to work at an approved job site. Learning Styles and Job Readiness assessments are provided for students enrolled in this program.
Career Development Programs - District-wide, pre-K through grades 12 programs that provide students with the necessary information and developmental experience to prepare them for living in society. The programs combine the efforts of home, school, and the community and reaches from preschool through adulthood. The Career Game assessment instrument is used to align students with Career choices.
Cosmetology - Cosmetology is the science of beautifying and improving the appearance of the complexion, hair, skin, and nails. The Cosmetology program is designed to prepare high school students for the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology examination and to enter into employment as licensed cosmetologists after graduation. The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology requires every candidate to complete a minimum of 1500 hours of training to be eligible for the licensing examination. The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology mandates the Cosmetology Certification Test for all program completers.
Construction Technology- Students in this program will acquire the basic skills in carpentry, masonry, drywall installation, roofing, wiring and other related skills such as safety, mathematics, blueprint reading, and estimating. Students successfully completing the program will be eligible for entry-level employment and or certified apprenticeships.
Criminal Justice - Specialized classroom and practical learning experiences that are designed to supplement the training provided by officially designated law enforcement agencies that will lead to a Homeland Security Training, First Responder, and 911 Telecommunications Certifications. Students are assessed in the areas of Advanced First Aid/CPR, Hazardous Materials, and Career Safety.
Culinary Arts - The Culinary Arts program develops the attitudes, practices, and skills necessary to become a professional in the Culinary Arts industry. The program provides instruction and experiences in all aspects of food preparation for careers in restaurants, hotels, catering and various food production and distribution industries. Students are assessed via the National Serv Safe and Pro Start Certification processes.
Early Childhood Education - Students are prepared for paid employment in Early Childhood care and guidance. The program includes instruction and experiences to develop competencies in teaching and guiding young children. Students are assessed via Career Safe On-Line assessment instrument as well as an on-line assessment provided by the Ohio Department of Education. Students upon successfully completing the program will be eligible to receive the National Child Development Associates certification.
Entrepreneurship – This course will provide students with the information and skills necessary to know how to develop, create, and plan for the starting of a business.
Family and Consumer Sciences - Programs include semester or yearlong courses in Personal Development, Resource Management, Nutrition and Wellness, Family Relations, Parenting and Life Planning. The program prepares students for competence in work in occupationally specific job training programs and Work and Family Life programs. Assessments for these classes are developed via the classroom teacher. This program is housed at Heritage Middle School.
Fire Fighting Technology - Specialized classroom and practical learning experiences that are concerned with the practices and techniques of fire fighting. Students are assessed based on their successful completion of a 240 Hour Fire Fighter Training Program. Additionally, students are assessed on CPR/Advanced First Aid and Hazardous Materials.
Nurse Assisting-Thee students in this program will learn basic health care skills, such as taking vital signs, measuring height and weight, administering medications, infection control, patient care, vision screening, and medical office procedures. The students successfully completing this course and successfully passing the state administered examination will receive the State Tested Nurses Assistant (S.T.N.A.) certification.
Patient Care Technician- This course will provide students with the skills necessary to meet the employment needs of nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, laboratories, and clinics where basic bedside nursing skills are required.
Performing Arts-This course will provide students with the skills necessary to be able to stress the techniques of a drama performance, introduce the students to ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, other forms of dance, create an awareness of playing in an orchestra, band, the piano, jazz, percussion and other instruments, and technically offer college level training in stage management, lighting, sound, set and costume design.
Private Security—Students in this course will be introduced via business, industry, and technology standards, to the concepts of physical and personal security, internal loss, and facility access. Upon successful completion of this course and passage of the state examination a Private Security certification will be issued.
Adult Education
East Cleveland G.E.D. Program – The East Cleveland G.E.D. Program will provide educational opportunities for adults who seek sufficient literacy skills needed for effective citizenship, further education and productive employment. The East Cleveland G.E.D. Program will provide adults with basic literacy skills, G.E.D. test preparation, and family/work place literacy. This program’s primary goal is to prepare our adult learners for successful passage of the GED test.