In our state rounds, Shaw won by sweeping outstanding attorney and outstanding witness awards against Coverleaf H.S.  Senior Ashley Moore won Outstanding Attorney and freshman Brian Jackson won Outstanding Witness against Coverleaf.  In the second round of competition, although Shaw was eliminated by an Indian Hills team (another school with multiple state titles), Shaw still won the Outstanding Attorney Award. That award was won by junior, Anthony Price.  Throughout all our rounds at the district, regional and state level, attorneys Anthony Price and Ashley Moore alternated each round by winning Outstanding Attorney awards in every round.
The 2015 Shaw Mock Trial Team has continued Shaw's LONG tradition of excellence and hopes to bring home Shaw's 5th state championship on March 14th!

The team will compete in its bid for the state championship March 12-14, 2015.  Competing in Columbus are the following students:

Ashely Moore (senior)
Anthony Price (junior)


Brian Jackson (freshman)
Simone Jackson (senior)
Stephanie Terry (senior)
Ivin Tinsley (senior)

Alexis Johnson (freshman)


Gwarren Douglas (sophomore)


The team is sponsored by Calfee, Halter and Griswold.

Legal Advisors for the team are:

Attorney James Lawniczak of Calfee, Halter and Griswold
East Cleveland Judge Sandra Walker (retired)


Teacher Coaches for the team are:

Jennifer Bill
Lori Urogdy Eiler.


The team is very grateful for also the additional valuable legal advice they received from the Honorable Gayle Williams-Byers and Attorney David Kovach and for the support they had from numerous judges in Cuyahoga County who allowed them to practice in their courtrooms at the Justice Center (for district championships) and the old courthouse (for regional championships).


The team is extremely grateful for all the support they have received from Shaw H.S. teachers, administration and East Cleveland City Schools Central Office  this season--making our success possible!

In addition, individual team members have swept awards in our rounds:

Ashley Moore 

  • Outstanding Attorney  Award District Championships Plaintiff
  • Outstanding Attorney Award Regional Championships Defense 

Anthony Price

  • Outstanding Attorney Award District Championships Defense
  • Outstanding Attorney Award Regional Championships Plaintiff


Bryan Jackson

  • Outstanding Witness Award District Championships
  • Outstanding Witness Award Regional Championships


Simone Jackson

  • Outstanding Witness Award Regional Championships


Only one Outstanding Attorney and One Outstanding Witness Award are given in each round of competition between the two competing schools.  In District championships Shaw H.S. swept Outstanding  Attorney awards and Outstanding  witness awards against Padua and Outstanding Attorney award in their plaintiff round against Mayfield. At Regional championships Shaw H.S. swept both Outstanding Attorney and Outstanding Witness awards in all their rounds which were as Defense against both Andrews-Osbourne and as Plaintiff against  North Olmsted."

This year's mock case centers around the 8th Amendment and cruel and usual punishment and an injury an incarcerated youth --(the plaintiff Emerson Jones) sustained while being taken down by a guard during a food fight in a juvenile detention center (the defendant) at the hands of a guard and the institution's response to that injury Students must argue both sides of the case in two separate trials against different opponents.  Teams emerging undefeated move forward in the competition.

At the beginning of the season there were over 327 teams registered across the state.  Ohio Mock Trial Program is now in its 31st year and the largest academic competition in Ohio and the fourth largest competition in the country.  

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