Business Office

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The Business Office

The Business Office and the departments within it assist and support the educational mission of the East Cleveland City School District. The goal is to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students and staff of the District.


Contact phone number is (216) 268-6367.


Transportation Department

Our bus fleet consists of 10 school buses all of which have digital cameras for the safety of all the students transported and are inspected annually by the State Highway Patrol.


Contact phone number is (216) 268-6599.


Food Service Department

The food service staff provide breakfast and lunch throughout the District. All the meals served meet the requirements established by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. You can locate your child's menu on the district website.


Contact phone number (216) 268-6645.


Security Department

Our security department consists of a Security Manager and 17 security officers. The District also has a School Resource Officer assigned to Shaw High School and Heritage Middle School. All staff and students are assigned photo identification cards which allow access to the various buildings. Visitors must sign in the log at the entrance to all buildings.


Contact phone number (216) 268-6816.


Building and Grounds Department

This department focuses on the maintenance of the interior and exterior of all of the buildings in the East Cleveland City School District. All minor repairs, lawn care, snow removal and scheduled preventive maintenance fall under the supervision of the Building and Grounds Supervisor and his staff. They assist with unexpected occurrences such as electrical outages, plumbing and HVAC issues across the District.


Contact phone number (216) 268-6410.

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The East Cleveland City School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, age, handicap or sex.
The policy of equal opportunity governs every aspect of the district's operations and activities, including educational programs and employment.