Pupil Personnel and Student Registration

Raise Your Hands
Director of Pupil Personnel


Pupil Personnel Service programs that are provided for students in the East Cleveland City School District:



1. Attendance Monitoring Services 11. Parent Mentor Program
2. Chemical Abuse Prevention Programs 12. Physical Therapy Service
3. Child Accounting Services 13. Student Registration
4. Court Liaison 14. School Psychological Services - Psycho-Educational Assessment
5. English As A Second Language Services 15. Social Work Services
6. Guidance Counseling Services  16. Sexual Harassment Prevention Program
 7. Health Services  17. Special Education Services
 8. Home Instruction 18. Speech-Language and Hearing Services
 9. Home Schooling 19. IDEA, Title 6b
 10. Home Visitation  20. Occupational Therapy Services


Typical Pupil Personnel Services

ATTENDANCE MONITORING SERVICES - are preventive and enforcement aspects are usually delegated to an attendance officer or social worker.

GUIDANCE SERVICES - pupil personnel services that are planned and administered at the individual school level, although they may get professional coordination and stimulation from supervisors with system-wide responsibility.

HEALTH SERVICES - are typically more concerned with healthy livivng and health education than with treatment.  These services may include an on-site school nurse.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES - involve diagnosis of learning difficulties and other adjustment problems, treatment of some pupils individually or in groups, and inservice education an consultation in psychological matters.

SCHOOL SOCIAL SERVICES - are concerned with adjustment difficulties of children and the cooperation of the school and the home as well as the school and community in resolving such problems.



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