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We maintain an effective level of parental involvement as we know that is an undisputed need for student success.

Henry Pettiegrew II

Chief Executive Officer Of East Cleveland City Schools

Lori Crum-Whittenburg

Principal of Shaw High School

William Davis

Assistant Principal (Grades 11-12) at Shaw High School

Reginald Shaw

Dean of Students at Shaw High School

Larry Ellis

Assistant Principal at Alternative Academy

Kelvin Holland

Assistant Principal (Grades 9-10) at Shaw High School

William Davis

Principal of 11 and 12 at Shaw High School

Danielle Simmons

Principal of Heritage Middle School

Charles McCants

Principal of Caledonia Elementary School

Crystal Cash

Principal of Chambers Elementary School

Sabrina Ingram

Principal of Mayfair Elementary School

Shawna LeSure

Principal of Superior Elementary School