Phone: 216.268.6570


The Mission of the Communications & Technology Department is to ensure efficient and accurate communication between the staff, students and the community.  The Communications & Technology Department duplicates and disseminates all data, digital and print information, relative to increasing student achievement.  This department is also responsible for all official district forms, documents, newsletters, flyers, maintenance and design of our district website.  Including also our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channel, managing software as well as technology hardware for students and staff.   We provide maintenance for district issued computers, laptops, printers, telephones, tablets, Chromebooks; including production and design of all other print and digital material from The District.  This department also serves as the producers, production crew and editors of the web series “The Road to Academic Revitalization”, chronicling East Cleveland City Schools’ journey to academic health. We serve as a liaison between the district and the media and house our own postal service, which directly connects us to stakeholders, community members and parents.  

Donshon Wilson – Director, Communications & Technology/ Marching Band 

Rashuda Davis – Secretary

Sam Parikh – IT Manager 

Gia Dickinson – IT Specialist

Arthur Hill – Media Specialist 

Reggie Chatman – Print Shop 

Chavone Taylor – Nash – Program Manager