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Welcome to the East Cleveland City Schools’, Department  of Human Resources website page. The Department of Human Resources is responsible for processing, retaining, supporting qualified personnel, providing assistance and current information to all District employees.  The Department of Human Resources fosters a diverse, safe, mindful, and respectful work environment for all employees that supports our District adhering to the true values of Empathy, Excellence, and Equity. We strongly believe that the success  of our staff is essential to the achievement gains made by students of the East Cleveland City School District. That’s why we work to ensure that every staff member has the resources, support, and additional assistance to be successful during their employment in our District.  We are a department that collaborates with other departments to guarantee, whether a first-year teacher or a veteran educator, that the focus is on the “whole student” learning. The educating and well-being of all of our students is the forefront of everything that is required of our employees.  As the Department of Human Resources, our goal is to support the preparation of all of our employees so that they will encourage our students to lead lives of success and purpose as knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate citizens living in a global society. The East Cleveland City School District ensures that every child in each of our schools is known and that learning is founded in joy and purpose.  We place a strong emphasis on creating a positive definition of success as we work to engage all of our students in deeper learning as we recognize that education is a fundamental value in our community.


Dr. John Buckner – Director, Human Resources / Career & Technical Education

Sylvia Cunningham – Administrative Assistant, Human Resources

#IAMEC Staff Creed

I am East Cleveland.  I am the definition of success.  I am committed to seeing every student make it to the college and career of their choice.  I see the connection between the work I do and the lives I touch. My role inspires and propels every scholar toward their goal. 

I honor students’ gifts and talents – then encourage them to aim higher, reach farther and dig deeper than anyone expects. I make sure they are safe and steady on this journey of life.  I share my story so that the road to success will not be a mystery. I believe great people come from East Cleveland Schools. I am a part of their journey. The whole community is rooting for me.  I won’t let them down. I am East Cleveland.  I am the definition of success.