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Mayfair Elementary Receives Grant from NBA Cares

The District is happy to announce that Mayfair Elementary School has received a $50,000 grant from NBA Cares and State Farm to establish an Action Based Learning classroom, outfitted with 20 pieces of age appropriate cardiovascular equipment and 28 fitness monitors. Research tells us that heart rate is the most effective biomarker for both physical and emotional feedback. In short, when students are moving, students are learning.

The Action Based Learning classroom provides age appropriate cardiovascular equipment, resources, and training on how to track one’s health, fitness and wellness. This classroom will provide venues where students, teachers and parents can track their fitness, collaborate and create fitness plans utilizing technology and cardio equipment. This classroom emphasizes the importance to track heart rate and overall fitness regardless of their current physical fitness levels, current skills, or capabilities. The fitness monitors provide direct, real-time fitness data to students to track their physical health and emotions to a visual display through heart rate.

The software also centralizes all data back a secure database for the teacher to review as well as providing daily reports to the students' parents.  Physical fitness, emotional health, and mental health impact all aspects of a student’s life. By emphasizing healthy habits early in a student's life, the more likely these habits will be retained after graduation.