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East Cleveland City Schools Announces Plans for Summer Building Renovations and Remodeling

As the students finish school in June, the maintenance and custodial staffs of the East Cleveland City Schools will be busier than normal this summer as the district is purchasing and installing new furniture for all buildings.  The new flexible furniture will allow teachers and students to individualize their learning spaces with ease.  

The overall design emphasizes the importance of choice and well-being, as many of the seating options will go from the static traditional chairs to seats that bounce, swivel, rock, lean, or even stand.  Flexible seating and movable desk options promote focus and allow students to be more alert in class, with the added benefit that motion burns calories and boosts metabolism.

Complimenting the furniture, all classrooms across the district will also get a fresh coat of paint, updating color schemes and using a brighter palette that creates a warmer, more welcoming space.  At W.H Kirk Middle School, one of the existing boilers will be replaced this summer with a new, state of the art model that will run more efficiently, reduce heating and cooling costs, and integrate with the district’s new digital HVAC system.  Student lockers at Kirk and Shaw High School are also scheduled to be replaced, and new physical training equipment will be installed at both buildings to continue to promote health and wellness for students..

Finally, the district will continue to grow and support its outdoor learning spaces with new and expanded play environments to be installed at Prospect Academy, Caledonia Elementary, and Mayfair Elementary School.  Outdoor learning spaces are more than playgrounds, as they emphasize specific tasks and promote the development of gross motor skills, sensory motor skills, and dramatic play.