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Our Students are the Most Important Part of East Cleveland City Schools

At East Cleveland City Schools, we will provide the children of East Cleveland with the academic and social-emotional preparation to succeed in the college and/or career pathway of their choice.





 #IAMEC Student Creed

I am East Cleveland.  I am the definition of success.  My teachers make sure I write my own success story. I will make it to the college and career of my choice!  My teachers challenge me, engage me and empower me with teaching that helps me see the path to my life goals regardless of my struggles. I get all the support I need to make sure I am mentally emotionally and academically strong. 100% of who I am is welcomed in my school district.  I am safe here. I am safe to be my best self and make the best choices. My road to success is not a mystery. The whole community is rooting for me! I won’t let them down. I am East Cleveland. I am the definition of success.