Henry Pettiegrew
Chief Executive Officer

Start with the “why”

I am the son of a man and woman who made their life’s work to improve the education and lives of countless
students in Cleveland Schools. Both products of the Mississippi Delta and a strong understanding that
education and determination can and will improve the quality of life for your family. It was in this household I
learned the value of life-long learning and its’ ability to give security in a world where information is moving
and shared like never before. I believe in the transformative power of education.

CEO Henry Pettiegrew This belief in the power of education extends to how I see the future of education. It is necessary that we align ourselves to become a learning organization to compete with a number of issues plaguing our community and stopping our students from excelling in the career path of their choice. We must depart the one-size-fits all approach to teaching and learning to use data to determine specific needs and interventions required on an individual basis. East Cleveland students deserve instruction delivered in a way that is engaging and aligned to standards and skills needed to compete locally and globally. Our focus must be to prepare graduates to invest
                       in the community and reach for attainable career goals.

The City of East Cleveland presents an opportunity to actualize a higher calling. I say calling because my professional career with the range of skills and expertise I gained will lead us to the purpose we collective seek of expanded educational opportunity and equity. East Cleveland is a community of committed people eager to show to our amazing students and “whole child” practices in our district that are innovative and known throughout the nation.

In short, East Cleveland City Schools will be a place where students will grow and achieve greatness.  The school’s role is to light the path to lifelong learning, personal betterment and giving back to the community for every student we have the privilege to educate. I have committed my professional career to step into this calling where I approach an opportunity to lead this district with honor and humility.





Henry Pettiegrew II, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

East Cleveland City Schools


Archived CEO

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