Shaw High School--Where Dreams Come True

  • Cardinal Nation--

    It’s so good to have you back to start an exciting and rewarding school year!

    I visualize that it is our responsibility as educators to provide the best learning
    experiences for each of the students entering Shaw High School. This is a responsibility
    that I take very seriously. Shaw High School is all about striving to evolve teaching and
    learning and preparing students for the 21st century. This means that Shaw students will
    have the skills and knowledge necessary for success in post-secondary education, an
    economically viable career pathway, and personal effectiveness in the 21st century
    economy. Upon graduation, our students will be prepared to move directly from the high
    school classroom to either a career that they have chosen or the next steps in the path
    to that career. This will all take place in a loving environment that’s reflective of students
    and staff being respectful of each other.

    We will invite students to engage in their education and encourage the involvement in
    extra curricula activities. These activities compliment the traditional establishment, and
    some of the richest learning occurs in these environments outside of the traditional
    classroom—such as electives, clubs, drama, music and athletics.

    The pandemic has taught all of us resilience, persistence, and how to be successful in
    the midst of the struggle. We appreciated the challenge of learning and acquiring the “I
    can too” attitude. I want Shaw High School students to believe that when they struggle
    they will have help, and, whatever they set out to do, they will accomplish it. I invite the
    entire East Cleveland community (parents, students, educators) to stand with me.

    The leadership team and staff are more than optimistic that we will provide a quality
    learning experience that consists of “rigor and joy” for students, while partnering with
    our colleagues, parents, guardians, and community members. We will listen and learn
    from each other and develop respectful relationships that will foster a culture that
    inspires excellence for students. I look forward to an amazing school year.

    Welcome aboard new staff and welcome back existing staff!


    Larry Ellis, principal