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Shaw High School--Supply List

Suggested Supplies for Shaw High School

Please note this is a suggested list to start the first day of school. Teachers may require more materials. This is not an all-inclusive list. Students will need to replenish supplies throughout the school year.

It is strongly suggested that students have a carrying case for their Chromebook and a weekly planner


Math 9th-12th

3 Ring Binder (no smaller than 2 inches)

Dividers for 3 ring binders

Notebook paper

Graphing paper


Science 9th/12th

2 inch 3 ring binder.

Binder dividers

Loose–leaf notebook paper.



Index Cards


Science 10th/11th

2 inch 3-ring binder

Notebook paper



10-pack of plastic sheet protectors





English 9th/11th

3 Ring Binder 

Loose paper

Blue/black pens or pencils

4x6 index cards


English 10th/12th

3 ring binder (at least 2 inches)

5 dividers for the binder

Loose leaf paper (college ruled)



History 9th-12th

3 Ring Binder

Loose leaf paper

Pencils and Pens


PE/Strength & Conditioning

Cardinal Color Shorts and T-Shirt 

Athletic Socks

Tennis Shoes


Elective Courses and Career Tech Courses 

Students will be notified of materials needed on the first day they attend class. 


You can download a copy of this list here.