• About East Cleveland City Schools

Our Mission

  • We will provide the children of East Cleveland with the academic and social-emotional preparation to succeed in the college and/or career pathway of their choice.

Our Vision

  • The East Cleveland City School District will be the model urban school for student achievement focused on the whole child.

  • The East Cleveland City School District strives to provide a safe, nurturing academic environment and positive school climate for our pre-K through 12th grade students. We ensure our students are exposed to many cultural and academic experiences as preparation for success in the 21st century and today’s global economy.


    We provide numerous academic initiatives to cater to each student’s individual learning style. Ample career and technical programs provide students with an opportunity to make informed career choices and successfully participate in real world work experiences. Partnerships with academic, medical, civic, and community entities give students needed services and enriching opportunities. Extracurriculars offered at every grade level educate and interest students in music, art, and athletics. We maintain an effective level of parental involvement as we know that is an undisputed need for student success.

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