Strategy & Research Department

  • The Department of Strategy & Research is responsible for the administration of all district, state, and national tests.  This department works closely with Curriculum & Instruction to generate assessment calendars, oversee assessment implementation at the building level, troubleshoot any technical issues with test administration, disaggregate results, and plan and implement professional development based on student and teacher assessment records.  The department provides regular data reporting on district performance to the Director of Human Resources, the Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Treasurer and the CEO & Superintendent.

    Housed within this division is all state reporting under the Education Management Information System (EMIS).  EMIS manages all data related to local, state, and federal accountability standards including, but not limited to, Federal Child Count, Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) reporting, Career-Technical Education (CTE) reporting, and Student Cross Reference (SCR) database management. 

    Also within Strategy & Research is the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar is responsible for the enrollment of all students to the district, including the evaluation of all open enrollment applications.  The Registrar is also responsible for completing all transcript and record requests.  Strategy & Research couples with the Communication Department to develop district and building-level messaging to promote enrollment as well as highlighting events and accomplishments so that our community and stakeholders can see that good things are happening everday in the East Cleveland City Schools.  

District Assessment Calendar