Athletic Forms Overview

  • All students participating in interscholastic athletics must be registered on FinalForms, the online registration website used by the East Cleveland City School District.

    To Register an Athlete:

    1. Parents must complete each individual section found in the menu on the left side of the page and “electronically sign” (type your name) where appropriate.
    2. Once all sections are completed, print the OHSAA PPE Physical Form (which is the last section on left side menu). Take this with you to your child’s state required annual physical appointment with a certified physician. The medical information you completed will automatically be entered on to the actual OHSAA form. The doctor will complete their appropriate section and return to you.
    3. Completed physicals should be submitted your school building's Athletic Director. Physicals are good for one calendar year. School staff will enter the expiration date and FinalForms will automatically send you an alert email when the physical expiration date is under 60 days.
    4. Once the parent section is completed, FinalForms will send the student an email that he or she must use to electronically sign a number of participation forms. By registering on FinalForms you will be included on team emails and updates from the coaching staff.

    PLEASE NOTE: While the initial registration may take 15-20 minutes, it is MANDATORY. Individual accounts “follow” athletes throughout their Middle School and High School athletic careers requiring only relevant updates from year to year. The first registration requires the most time. Remember athletes still are required to have an annual physical.

    Any questions can be directed to LaMia Sherman.