Caledonia Elementary School Kicks Off Gardening & Cooking Program

Caledonia Elementary School first and second graders are getting their hands dirty as the school’s gardening program begins.  Sponsored and supported by FoodStrongCLE, this weekly after school activity gives students the opportunity to put their science skills to work and truly “see” where their food comes from.  


The Caledonia garden project is work done on-site with students and volunteers working in the garden located behind the school.  Students working on the garden project learn environmental skills as well as design skills as this project is literally working from the ground up.  As an organization, FoodStrongCLE advocates for student engagement, community involvement, and community ownership with a sustainability mindset.  


The garden project at Caledonia Elementary School will dovetail with the district’s work in developing and maintaining the garden space at the Chambers Community Empowerment Center.