Mindful Monday's to Begin January 24

Starting Monday, January 24, 2022, the East Cleveland City School District will implement Mindful Mondays.


Mindful Mondays is a day of asynchronous virtual activities and instruction for all students in grades pre kindergarten through twelve.  This means that students will be working from home every Monday for the remainder of the school year.  


Asynchronous work will vary from teacher to teacher and class to class.  The topics may include review activities from content covered in the previous week, preview materials of lessons to be taught in the coming week, extension and enrichment activities, or individualized intervention activities.  


With recent increases in COVID-19 cases across northeast Ohio, Mindful Mondays will allow our building custodial and maintenance staff the chance to deep clean and sanitize our schools.  Further, Mindful Mondays will give our classroom teachers and administrators the necessary time to complete professional development in key instructional strategies that are embedded in our district revitalization plan.


It is our continued mission to provide the academic and social-emotional skills for all of our students to be successful.  The work we all complete through Mindful Monday activities will help us reach this goal.  


Specific questions about schedules and other activities regarding Mindful Mondays are best answered by your building principal.