District Issues Statement Regarding New State Report Cards

Cardinal Nation–

Today, the Ohio Department of Education will release its district and school level report cards.  The information displayed in these reports are based in large part on a snapshot of student performance, specifically the state tests administered in March and April 2023.  High school graduation rate, student progress measured over multiple years, and student reading proficiency in grades kindergarten through three also play a nominal role in determining the District’s overall rating.

As a brief summary, the District earned an overall rating of 2 stars with component ratings of 2 stars in gap closing and early literacy and 1 star in achievement, progress, and graduation rate.  You can read more about the state report card here: Guide to the 2023 Ohio School Report Cards 

The District believes that this report indicates that we continue to make academic progress, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement.  The report cards published by the state also underlines our belief in the strength and importance of our scorecard and our revitalization plan over these state documents. 

Our scorecard emphasizes student growth and measures performance over the course of the school year, as opposed to a single snapshot.  Last year, the District exceeded its own expectations by meeting 10 of 20 metrics outlined in our revitalization plan including student growth in reading for grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and high school graduation rate.

Additionally, our scorecard is updated quarterly through individual reports to students and families as well as Schools Connecting Community presentations which summarize our progress and ask for your feedback.  Our first Schools Connecting Community event is tentatively scheduled for the end of October.

Accountability, regular monitoring, and reporting performance to families and community stakeholders is important to every school district.  And while the state report card provides a great deal of information, it is still only one piece, a snapshot, of the growth and performance of the East Cleveland City School District.

Thank you again for your commitment and continued support of the East Cleveland City School District.

Professionally yours,

Dr. Henry Pettiegrew II

Superintendent & CEO