• Do you have a passion for food, a flair for creativity, and a desire to tantalize taste buds? Look no further!  The Shaw High School Culinary Arts program offers a dynamic and immersive learning experience for students with a passion for the culinary world.

    Our state-of-the-art culinary labs and professional-grade kitchens offer an environment that mirrors the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the culinary industry.

    The program provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of culinary techniques, cuisines, and industry practices. From mastering knife skills and culinary fundamentals to exploring advanced cooking methods and pastry arts, our program offers a well-rounded culinary education.

    Through a combination of hands-on training, demonstrations, and practical experiences, students will develop essential culinary skills, creativity, and a keen understanding of flavor profiles. Our program emphasizes the importance of using fresh, local ingredients, and encourages students to experiment with various cooking styles and cultural influences to create innovative and delicious culinary creations.

    In addition to culinary expertise, our program emphasizes professionalism, teamwork, and effective communication skills. Students will learn about kitchen etiquette, time management, and the art of working seamlessly in a fast-paced culinary environment. These skills, combined with their culinary proficiency, will prepare our students to excel in any culinary setting.

    Furthermore, our Culinary Arts Program instills a strong emphasis on food safety, sanitation, and proper culinary techniques. We prioritize teaching our students the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen, as well as following industry standards and regulations. These values ensure that our graduates are not only skilled chefs but also responsible and ethical culinary professionals.

    Discover the joy of creating culinary masterpieces, the satisfaction of making people smile with your delicious creations, and the artistry of culinary craftsmanship.

    Get ready to chop, sauté, and plate your way to culinary excellence. Welcome to the Culinary Arts Program at [Urban High School's] Career Technical Education Program!

  • Courses

    Hospitality Fundamentals

    Dining Room Service and Operations

    Fundamentals of Food Production

    Restaurant Management


    Industry Credentials

    ProStart Certificate of Achievement